Recipe Developer and Chef Julie Hartigan Shares Tips to Creating Healthier Meals and Snacks in the New Year

Recipe Developer and Founder of ‘Cooking with Julie’ Chef Julie Hartigan Shares Tasty Tips to Make Mealtime Easier and Snacks Healthier

Chef Julie Hartigan has created literally thousands of recipes during her amazing career. As a professional recipe developer and TV host, she is known as the Chef with a fun personality who loves to turn every day into a party. Now, the founder of the Cooking with Julie brand is sharing some of her favorite ‘healthier’ New Year’s recipes for meals and snacks that are perfect for improving the way people eat. Whether making the family happy or creating big game party snacks, Chef Julie will show-and-tell everyone how the everyday “chef” at home can create amazing meals using the culinary “tips, tricks and hacks” of a food professional.


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