Courtney Rada Shares Great Grilling Secrets on TipsOnTv

Find out Why the Host of CARNIVOROUS is Sharing the Secrets for Great Grilling

Just in time for July 4th, life-long grill aficionado Courtney Rada is serving up a complete menu of ideas to wow your guests this summer. Let the host of ‘CARNIVOROUS’ share some timely tips for a classic burger with a twist, steaks, kabobs or something more adventurous. This food connoisseur shares some great grilling secrets as part of a special National Grilling Month Show and Tell preview interview. Learn how this nationally recognized food and lifestyle expert can help create memorable mouthwatering delicacies on the grill.


Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage is a must-have for summer grilling season. For an easy recipe that will really hit the spot, be sure to check out their Cajun Style Chili Dogs from chef influencer, Ninjacue. These sausages are pre-cooked, versatile, flavorful and expertly seasoned. They are also perfect for tasty favorites like Grilled Shrimp Kabobs and Blackened Chicken Sausage Alfredo. Flavors include Andouille, Cajun-Style and Blackened Seasoned Chicken Smoked Sausage. Pick them up at Kroger, Walmart and many other stores nationwide, and visit for more great grilling recipes.


It is impossible to go wrong with Samuel Adams, the only beer brand worthy of a Founding Father. Here is their latest brew, American Light. This is a crisp, refreshing and distinctly American craft lager that is easy to drink and does not compromise on flavor. Also, check out their Beers of Summer Variety Pack which feature an assortment of brews for summer’s most memorable moments. These all offer something for everyone at the backyard BBQ. For more information, visit


It is important that the food and drink brought to a grilling party stays fresh. For this, The GoSun solar coolers are great because they are solar powered and never need ice! This means no more slushy mess and more room for cold drinks and food. It is like going to the fridge at home. The GoSun solar coolers run off any 12-volt battery and are recharged by the sun. It is a must-have for summer grilling parties! For more information, visit