Unique, Interactive Gadget Enhances Experience With Stuffed Animals by Bringing Them to “Life

Sparks Creativity, Vocabulary Building and Ongoing Learning in the Child

The holidays are around the corner and there are thousands of gift options for children, even for those who seem to have everything. The ideal toys parents want to give or have their child receive are usually educational ones that are infused with fun and develop their imaginations while also sparking their creativity.

Chappet is a Bluetooth speaker encased in a two-inch wide yellow button and is controlled by a smartphone app. It allows parents to interact with their children through their stuffed animals during creative playtime. Chappet supports more than 1,000 prerecorded phrases, features 20 pre-recorded songs and stories, and its auto chat function can mimic the words a child shares with it in conversation, allowing children to interact with their favorite toy in an entirely new way.

“You can be in another room or right next to them on the couch,” said Naoki Ono, Chappet Development Team Leader. “They won’t know it’s you unless you tell them because Chappet allows parents or loved ones to become the camouflaged voice of the child’s stuffed animal that involves fun, responsive, back-and-forth social and creative interactions.”

Through the app, you have four interaction options:

  1. Voice Chat: Where, through Chappet, parents pretend they are the stuffed animal to chat with their child. Imagine being in the kitchen and your child is in the living room. You will have a blast seeing and hearing your child’s reactions to the chats with his or her stuffed animal.
  2. Text Chat: Where Chappet reads aloud what you type in a charming voice. You can be next to your child to teach him or her letters and numbers, or simply “chat” with your child through his or her favorite stuffed animal.
  3. Tap Chat: Where Chappet allows you to speak pre-recorded sentences. You can choose from a list of more than 1,000 phrases across numerous categories that suit a variety of every day scenarios, and 20 pre-recorded songs and stories. You can also add new phrases via text with your own voice, and original songs and stories too!
  4. Auto Chat: Where Chappet responds to your child’s voice by making affirmative sounds of agreement or mimicking phases. Your child will laugh out loud when he or she finds their best friend is mimicking him or her.


Chappet can also support parents as they help their children follow a daily schedule. It allows you to set up reminders for key daily events such as meal, snack, or nap times. It can also be a great tool to help parents with potty training, allowing them to program their own phrases that use specific words their children respond to or use related to potty training.

The 2-inch-wide button makes it safe for children. It can be sewn on or tightly attached with a string around the stuffed animal’s neck like a necklace. Chappet does not need a battery because it is rechargeable. To learn more about Chappet’s functionality, visit www.Chappet.com. It is available for purchase exclusively on Amazon.com. App is available for free on Apple Store and Google Play.