Travel & Lifestyle Expert Carmen Ordonez Shares Tips to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

Learn More About the Trends and Traditions that Make this Month Special in Florida with Travel & Lifestyle Expert Carmen Ordonez!

Florida, also known as “La Florida,” has a profound connection to Hispanic culture that dates back centuries, and this month-long celebration is a perfect opportunity to explore and honor the diverse traditions, history and contributions of the Hispanic community throughout the Sunshine StateOn September 14, travel expert and founder of Viva Fashion, Carmen Ordonez, is partnering with Visit Florida to showcase rich culture, delectable cuisines and enchanting destinations. Find out about the vibrant spectrum of Hispanic heritage and traditions flourishing across the diverse landscapes of Florida.


Hispanic Heritage Month takes place every year as a time to recognize and celebrate the many contributions, diverse cultures and extensive histories of the American Hispanic community. For one month every year, from September 15th thru October 15th, celebrate nationwide through festivals, art shows, conferences, community gatherings and much more. On the Instagram page Carmen Ordonez TV, we routinely highlight the best destinations that offer Hispanic culture, cuisine and events. And as a Floridian, Carmen can attest to the fact that Florida offers all three not just during Hispanic Heritage Month, but all year round.


If travelers are looking to connect with a community and with people that live in a specific destination, they need to understand where they come from, their culture and traditions. This allows them to get a sense of unique experiences they can look forward to and expect while there, such as authentic cuisine the area is known for or attractions that bring the destination’s rich history to life. From delightful flavors of Latin cuisine to mesmerizing art and music, there is a complete cultural journey across the Sunshine State, honoring the Hispanic community that has had a significant and lasting impact on the state, fondly known as “La Florida”.


The influence of Hispanic culture is deeply ingrained in Florida’s rich history, and its legacy is evident across Florida today, as the state is home to the third largest Latino population in the country.  During Hispanic Heritage Month, travelers can experience lively parades, colorful festivals, captivating exhibitions and educational seminars, designed to enrich the understanding of the Hispanic community and its importance to Florida’s identity. 


There is a wide variety of Hispanic cultures and traditions across Florida today, reflecting the state’s cultural mosaic. From salsa dancing in Miami or Orlando, to cigar-rolling in Tampa’s Ybor City, Little Havana in Miami, or Key West. Stroll down the cobblestones of St. George’s Street in historic St. Augustine or discover the mastery of the renowned Spanish artist Salvador Dali at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. A trip must also include Mojitos in Little Havana or experiencing the passion and energy of Flamenco shows in Miami, Tampa or St. Augustine.