Sports and Games for Spring with Fitness Expert Mike May

Mike May

SFIA Sports, Games & Fitness Expert Mike May Shares the Latest Fitness Studies & Gives at Early Look at NEW Fitness Solutions

The words spring training has a special appeal for athletes and sports fans alike.  With the promise of fresh air and sunshine after a long winter, consumers are ready to gear up their spring fitness routines.   Just in time for Spring, we have one of the nation’s top sports and fitness experts to discuss the latest sports and fitness studies and to show off some of the new fitness trends and gear that will be hitting the market in the coming months

Mike May is a nationally renowned expert on sporting goods trends from the SFIA, the top trade group that represents the sports and fitness industry and regularly releases studies identifying changes sports and fitness trends.

The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) supports companies and promotes a healthy environment for the sporting goods industry by providing access to insight, information, influence and industry connections. SFIA enhances industry vitality and fosters sports, fitness and active lifestyle participation. More than 750 sporting goods & fitness brands, manufacturers, retailers and marketers in the industry.


One of the biggest trends this year for athletes is injury prevention. One of the most common sports injuries is an ankle sprain; which makes it crucial to have the right equipment to keep you healthy. The McDavid 195 Ankle Brace, backed by an independent study, showed that wearing an ankle brace, caused users to be three times less likely to have an ankle injury. The brace provides protection for athletes and is under 40-dollars. It can be purchased at major sporting goods retailers nationwide or This is an important piece of equipment that can help prevent injuries for all ages and athletes, from pros to the weekend warrior.

The McDavid 195 Ankle Brace offers a Protection Level 3 to help prevent injuries, but can also improve recovery time if you’ve suffered ankle sprains, getting you back in the game sooner. It lasts multiple seasons when taken care of properly.

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Nutrition is a key component to staying fit. When you are active it is important to fuel your body. A snack that I suggest is Jack Link’s Jerky. It’s packed with protein, and requires no refrigeration so you can easily toss a bag in your gym bag for on-the-go snacking.  It also helps in recovery after a long workout by repairing muscle and recharging energy. Jack Link’s offers a variety of flavors.  My favorite is the new Turkey Jerky and popular Teriyaki Beef Jerky flavor.  It’s low in fat, calories and carbs!

Jack Link Jerky is a great snack because it requires no refrigeration so you can easily toss a bag in your gym bag for on-the-go snacking. It’s a convenient option that is easy to pick up and there are some great-tasting options from savory to sweet to spicy made from lean cuts of beef, turkey, chicken or pork.

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ABOUT Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) Research
For the past 107 years, the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) has been the leading source of research-based knowledge for the sports and fitness industry. The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association has recently transitioned to a new name for our organization: Sports & Fitness Industry Association, with the acronym SFIA. The foundation of our trade association and the core constituents who benefit from an affiliation with our organization remains the same.

Overview of The Tracking the Fitness Movement Report
The SFIA takes a closer look at specific fitness trends in terms of participation habits in America’s fast moving fitness industry. This yearly report gives you a closer look at purchase behaviors.

Additional Figures from the Report
Some facts from this year’s edition of Tracking the Fitness Movement are listed below:
– 6 of the top 10 growing sports and fitness activities are class-based fitness activities, which includes aerobics
– 74% of Americans reported that they participated in some type of fitness activity
– The most Active American’s make $100,000+
– Out of 68.2 million inactive American’s, 23% are between the ages of 6-24
– The MOST fitness active participants reside in CA, CO, TX, and UT

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