Brooke Bennett Swimming Champion Shares Secrets for Success and Summer Fittness

Brooke Bennett

Brooke Bennett remembers the excitement and anticipation of representing her country in the Olympics.As a three-time gold medal winner, the Olympic Committee once awarded her the title, “Sportswoman of the Year.”  Since then, Brooke has become a successful sports broadcaster, a certified nutritionist and will soon be the author of a cookbook with healthy recipes. Bennett has share some of her secrets for summer fitness, good health, and how she has faced the challenges of staying healthy since retiring from competitive swimming.The elite athlete says, “I had been on the world’s stage all my life.  Retiring from swimming was like losing my identity.”  That’s when Brooke found her second-calling, helping others find the means and the motivation for good health.

Bennett was just 16 when she won her first gold medal at the Olympic Games in Atlanta the 800 meter freestyle.  Bennett ultimately added 14 U.S. Champion titles to her record.  At the Olympic Games in Sydney, Bennett won two gold medals, one in the 800 meter freestyle and another in the 400 meter freestyle.  When Bennett was growing up in Florida, her grandfather built her a swimming pool and a future champion swimmer was born.


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Sandusky, Ohio
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Wisconsin, Dells
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Brooke Bennett is popularly known for being one of the most elite swimmers in the country. Hear talent and determination was fueled by her grandfather who built Bennett a swimming pool and taught her to swim, a role model she still dedicates every race to. At the young age of 12, Bennett qualified for her first junior national cut and went on to win her first gold medal in the 800 meter freestyle at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. That same year, the US Olympic Committee named Bennett the “Sports Woman of the the Year.” After ultimately adding 14 US champion titles to her record, Bennett continued her success, winning two gold medals, one in the 800 freestyle and another in the 400 meter freestyle, in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Inspired by Bennett’s passion and athleticism, Wheaties honored her wins by placing her on the cover of the “Breakfast of Champions” cereal box. Disney also praised Bennett’s success by having her handprints in cement at the Disney/ MGM Studios.
Currently, Bennett is utilizing her passion for sports as a sports broadcaster for Bright House Sports in Florida. Bennett is also a certified personal trainer and nutritionist through the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT). Adding to her list achievement will soon be “author” of her vary own cookbook. When Brooke isn’t in the pool, cooking in the kitchen or on television, Brooke is a avid animal lover and enjoys spending time with her two dogs.

Swimming Achievements

  • Three-time Olympic gold medalist is the 800m and 400m free
  • Fourteen National Titles
  • Ranked Ninth in the world in the 800m free – 2004
  • Holds world record for 800m free in 2000 at Olympic Trails

Hometown: Plant City, Fl
Residence: Ft. Lauderdale, Fl