One of the Most Interesting Travel Experts in the Nation Shares Her Favorite Cool Destinations, Ideas & Deals for the Holidays

Kinga Philipps says that while holidays should be about family, the season can also provide enough time to squeeze in an adventure. Now, just in time for the holidays, this journalist explorer is available to share some can’t-miss vacation suggestions that anyone can schedule last minute or in early January. If you’re looking for sun and fun, Kinga says the Caribbean has plenty of great deals and they’re open again for vacation business after the hurricanes.  The adventure junkie will also explain why the holidays are for beaches and snorkeling, and if you know where to look booking last-minute can also mean super deals on classic hotels. Kinga will share some timely tips for scheduling those last-minute adventures or how to begin researching for next getaway.
It’s cold in most places right now so, if you’re like me, you’re dreaming of someplace warm and exotic. Here’s some insider info…one spot that is on my personal AND professional radar and will be an upcoming destination for my written series Off the Beaten Path… is the Dominican Republic. It’s still relatively less explored and a great option whether you’re looking for relaxation or action-packed adventures on a variety of budgets. My sister was just in Punta Cana and loved the full-service resorts and stunning beaches…great for family or romantic retreats. The North Coast is my kind of adventure paradise. Caberete  and Puerto Plata offer amazing eco-trips and experiences I love like windsurfing, diving, whale watching, canyoning. Santo Domingo is one of the most colorful cosmopolitan cities in the Caribbean. A definite hot spot for foodies, artists or cultural adventurers. So be on the lookout for my story and in the meantime, get your feet in that sand! For more information, visit:

I spend a lot of time sitting on planes and in cars so this is a personal favorite travel tip of mine. Compression socks. They’re not just for your grandma. They’re a traveler’s best friend! Honestly, they’re even great if you’re not traveling. INSIGNIA by SIGVARIS is the brand I wear and I love them. They’re definitely the top compression socks and stockings on the market. You can find them at and they help prevent DVT’s or blood clots which can happen anytime you travel four or more hours and be life threatening.  So, if you travel and even if you don’t compression socks can help improve your overall health and well-being.

This is one of those wonders of technology that I’m in love with. I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms when I travel and in my downtime, I love catching up on all my favorite shows that I’m watching at home. Well now I can take them all with me. The Roku streaming stick fits in the palm of your hand, pairs with most TVs, is super easy to use and costs less than $70. So, if you’re in a hotel or a rental property or your even your grandma’s house you can subscribe to the Roku channel for FREE and have access to hundreds of popular movies. No subscriptions, no fees no log ins. You get great picture and performance with 4-K and it even has a voice remote. The Ultra HD and HDR, which means stunning picture quality and vivid colors, all in a device portable enough to fit into your carry-on. This month you’ll get access to films such as The School of Rock, Mermaids, The Kite Runner, Oliver Twist and more. For more information, visit