Ovie Mughelli Share Tips for an All-Pro Tailgate

The Former All-Pro Bowl NFL Veteran and Former Network TV Football Analyst Shares his Secrets for Having a Good Time Supporting your Team this Fall

The challenge of playing college football during a pandemic is requiring schools and fans to adjust the traditional game day experience for activities inside and outside stadiums this fall. That means football fans will have to get more creative than ever for their game-day experience. Fortunately, we have a true tailgating expert to help!

At 6-foot-1, 250-pounds, Ovie Mughelli was a bruising fullback for more than a decade . The former All-Pro player was known for punishing linebackers, but also for his engaging personality and ability to have fun with his teammates both on and off the field. Now, the former network TV Sports analyst shares his football insight and his timely tailgating tips for firing up the grill and sharing can’t-miss recipes for enjoying all the games. Ovie shares idea to liven up any tailgate or game-watching party.

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