Disaster Training Expert Cheryl Nelson Explains the Importance of  Preparing Before Emergencies with TipsOnTV Blog

A Checklist for Recovering from any Emergency

September is National Preparedness Month to remind Americans of the importance of being ready in case of disasters and emergencies. In 2020, there was a record 30 named storms, with 13 hurricanes with 12 storms making landfall in the U.S. Cheryl Nelson shares key steps to recover from any disaster.  Cheryl is a preparedness instructor and Meteorologist


Disasters occur more often than people realize. ServiceMaster Restore want people know that when disaster strikes, it is important to know what to do to protect what matters most. Last year, 2020, there were 22 weather events that were categorized as “billion-dollar storms.” These were area-wide events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and other weather-related disasters. This does not even count disasters unrelated to weather such as structure fires, leaky water pipes, explosions, falling trees.


Have a disaster kit with all the essentials, a family plan, and make a list of important phone numbers. Power, cable, internet, insurance company, roofers, tree services and the local ServiceMaster Restore. The key is to prepare before with ServiceMaster Restore. The experts in property disaster restoration and recovery, available 24-7 365-days a year. Visit the preparedness center on servicemasterrestore.com to get a full list of tips and resources. When disaster strikes, know what to do to protect what matters most. It is not the time to look for a restoration company after a disaster. It’s crucial to prepare before.


After a disaster, first, make sure family is safe and then access the damage and get the professional help that is needed. With ServiceMaster Restore professionals, no type of damage is too big or too small. With decades of expertise, they are standing by to help 24/7. If unprepared, losses will likely be greater and much harder to recover. If damage is untreated for any length of time, long-term problems will occur, like structural damage and dangerous mold and mildew.  Those are expensive problems to fix.


It pays to be prepared, because the data shows that the odds of experiencing a disaster event are about 1 in 20 each year at an average cost of almost $14-thousand dollars. After a regional disaster, it can take days or weeks to get necessary services like roof repair, plumbers, electricians, or water remediation teams.  There are more than 850 ServiceMaster Restore locations nationwide and they work closely with insurance providers. Consumers rated them number 1 among all national providers as highly professional, quality service, good value, and a brand they trust.

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