Married to Medicine Star Contessa Metcalfe Shares Tips to Getting Healthier in Time For Spring

Married to Medicine Star Contessa Metcalfe, MD., from BRAVO Shares Tips for Getting Healthier to Better Enjoy an Active Lifestyle

After a challenging Winter, enjoying good health when warm weather arrives is more important than ever. That is why prepping for spring health and wellness is all about taking proactive steps that can help keep us safe and healthy. Almost daily we are confronted with new health challenges that impact individuals and families. There are solutions, including exercise, diet and even daily supplements that promote cell health and can provide what is needed to look and feel healthier. Contessa Metcalfe, MD., double-board certified physician and star of Bravo TV’s ‘Married to Medicine,’ is available to share timely advice and reasons for getting healthier in time for spring. Dr. Contessa, as she is known on TV, is a practicing celebrity physician.


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