Leanna Haakons Shares Tips to Take Some of the Stress Out of Tax Day

Meet the Top TV Financial Expert on a Mission to Promote Financial Literacy and Make Tax Day Just a Little Better

The stress of tax season is coming soon, so it is time to get ready. This year, Financial Expert and Best-Selling Author Leanna Haakons shares timely tips to take a little stress out of this challenging time of year. Of course, anyone may have seen Leanna on network business shows or discussing her best-selling book: YOUNG, FUN AND FINALLY FREE: Live the Good Life and Build a Kick-Ass Future. Learn why this amazing expert is on a mission to promote financial literacy for millennials and Gen Z, while adding a little fun to finance. 


Tax season is nobody’s favorite. This year, manage funds with less stress by tackling taxes with PayPal. When filing online, PayPal makes paying simple. It lets consumers securely pay for tax prep and filing through one of its filing partners, and you can even spread the tax payments over time through PayPal Credit. Tax season does not have to be stressful, and PayPal provides some amazing tools to make it easier than ever.


Here is a simple and easy tip to get a tax refund up to five days quicker and take some stress out of the entire tax process. Again, it is PayPal, which has great tools to help manage refunds. Quick and simple, receive a federal tax refund through PayPal Balance with PayPal Direct Deposit. Once in PayPal balance, make the refund work by saving cash or shopping directly from the PayPal Balance. To learn more, visit PayPal.com/taxes.


First, learn about the new tax laws. For homeowners, there is the Inflation Reduction Act, or IRA of 2022, which offers eligible unprecedented opportunities to save on home energy improvement projects with Federal tax credits and rebates starting in 2023. The law brings energy bill relief to homeowners by incentivizing more efficient, all-electric appliances. One of the best is Mitsubishi Electric’s variable-capacity, all-climate heat pumps. This Mitsubishi Electric technology can help Americans reduce their carbon footprint, achieve better comfort, and realize lower operating costs.


Say goodbye to old air conditioners, furnaces or boilers because the Mitsubishi Electric all-electric heat pump systems provides both air conditioning and heating. They create zones that heat or cool rooms only when used, saving money and energy. With the Inflation Reduction Act, homeowners also get a tax credit of 30%, up to $2 thousand dollars, for the purchase and installation of a qualified heat pump. This credit runs through December 2032 with the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Tax Credit. Eligible households also get a rebate of up to $8 thousand dollars from their state to offset qualified heat pump costs with the High Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Program. For more information, visit www.mitsubishicomfort.com