Lauren Makk shares advice on how to add style and safety to home décor













Renowned Designer Teams up for a Home Makeover

Lauren Makk has spent a lifetime perfecting her “Affordable Luxury” signature approach to design. Lauren shares some décor suggestions from Blink® Blinds + Glass and discusses the many benefits of cordless blinds between glass for windows and doors.


Windows are a huge part of the look and feel of a home. For privacy and light control, Lauren recommends Blink® Blinds + Glass because the windows have the blinds enclosed between two insulated glass panes. They are part of the window when it is installed in the home and the best part about this product, is that Blink® Blinds + Glass works for any home’s style.


Regular blinds bend, or the cords gets messed up, so they do not come down easily anymore. One of the benefits of Blink® Blinds + Glass is there are no messy cords or bent blinds. They are truly maintenance-free. Another benefit, since they are safely housed between glass panes, they promote a healthier home by reducing the buildup of dust and allergens. “Dusting the blinds” can forever be checked off the to-do list.


Blink® Blinds + Glass are versatile, and they work with a variety of window styles, like the Double-Hung and Casement windows. For a subtle look, choose classic white blinds. The slate gray or espresso colors are a great modern option. Choose from six color options that complement any style.

Blink® Blinds + Glass are great in doors and can elevate an entryway, while maintaining privacy. Lauren recommends using Blink® Blinds in a beautiful wood entry door or for sliding glass patio doors. Blink® Blinds + Glass are easy to raise, lower, or tilt for maximum light or maximum privacy. They are totally custom at the touch of a fingertip. The EasyGlide operator is not going to “stick” or jam. Blink® Blinds + Glass are great quality and offer a 10-year warranty and they are perfect for both a new home or renovation.


As a mom, Lauren is hyper-aware of her children’s safety. Blink® Blinds are a great solution for child-proofing a home. No more worrying about children or pets being injured by hanging blind cords. As a matter of fact, Blink® Blinds has received both the Parents for Window Blind Safety Seal of Approval and the Window Covering Manufacturers Association Best for Kids certification.

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