Find Out Why Her ‘ASK KIMBERLY’ YouTube Page Has More Than 8 Million Views & Learn Some Timely Valentine’s Tips to Inspire Love

 Each year comes and human nature dictates that both men and women will procrastinate, leaving themselves with days or even hours to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one.  What they may not realize is that sometimes waiting until the last minute can save you plenty of money. Just in times for Valentine's Day Dr. Kimberly Moffit, one of the nation’s top TV Relationship Experts, sharea some of her gift ideas that will surprise and inspire at Tips On TV.

Kimberly has appeared on shows like Fox & Friends, The Better Show, ABC Washington, Good Day Chicago, NBC Baltimore, Canada AM, E! News, and CBC’s The National. She has been quoted in Women’s Health Magazine, ELLE Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.  Kimberly’s Youtube Channel “Ask Kimberly” has amassed over 8 million views in its first 18 months and its loyal and faithful following continues to grow at a rapid pace. She achieved her doctoral degree in Psychology from Middlesex University in 2015 and has been a spokesperson for since 2011, interpreting national dating surveys and discussing their implications.
 logowine1-new3As a relationship expert, I believe that setting the mood to enjoy the company of a partner is a great way to open communication and really get the most out of time spent together.  In fact, having a drink is a one way to do this but alcohol can also be an issue and so choosing the right beverage and drinking responsibly is important. I really like these new wine-based beverages from the Fun Wine Company. They are low in alcohol at only 6%. They are also low in calories at only 74-95 calories per serving. They have amazing flavors like peach moscato and even cabernet with a coffee flavor.  Fun Wine comes in a convenient can and so it takes away all the confusion around what wine to buy and opening the bottle and letting it breathe. You just chill it and open the can and serve it whenever you want to inspire romance! For more information, visit
reverie-logoI have got a gift suggestion that makes sense as a relationship expert. You have heard that opposites attract, but the one place couples come together is in bed – which is why a great bed is very important.  My suggestion is a reverie sleep system designed to keep both partners happy. The firmness level on each side of the mattress is customized, so you’re both comfortable in the same bed and control the head and feet on each side of the bed independently with the touch of a button. You still have plenty of room to cuddle in the middle. Great sleep for both of you is key for a great relationship. Another tip, never go to bed angry or upset! For more information, visit