Gifting and Gaming Expert Hailey Bright Shares Tips to Having a ‘Bright’ Holiday on TipsOnTv

Learn Why the Host of a Top Show about Video Games is Sharing a Unique Gift Guide Based on the Trends of Her Super Fans

The hottest trends for gifts in 2023 may not be what everyone would expect. That is why it helps to have a unique expert who is literally tuned in to what young adults want most this holiday.  Gaming expert and actress Hailey Bright shares insights into some of the hot gifts that millennials and gen-z are discussing on her weekly show about video game.  Learn about some of the great gifts that many people may not have event thought about before.


One of Hailey’s favorite game series of all time is Tony Hawk’s, it is all about challenge, skateboarding, and has a whopping 20 games in the entire series. And now they have remastered 2 of their OG games into Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 which is now available on Steam, brings the iconic original games, their classic levels, pro skaters, tricks, plus new skaters for an immersive skateboarding experience. Everyone in the family will love it, it is available on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch for under $40! For more information, visit


The perfect gift for the entertainment fans is the Cinemark Movie Club! For a low monthly cost, Movie Club members enjoy one movie ticket every month that rolls over to the next month if it is not used. They also include waived online ticketing fees, discounts on snacks and additional tickets, and other exclusive perks like early screenings, which is huge for movie fans!! Gift options for up to 12 months are available, and save up to $20-dollars when purchased at through the end of the year.


SSDs have proven to be a valuable, affordable investment for anyone with a phone, laptop or PC. This is the Beetle X31 portable SSD. Look how stylish this is! The Beetle X31 by SK hynix is the perfect holiday gift for digital enthusiasts, offering a sleek design and impressive speeds to clear out files or photo and video libraries, freeing up precious space on phones or computers. It is compatible with Windows-based PCs, Macs, tablets, iPhone 15, and Android-based smartphones making it a versatile accessory for photographers, students, avid gamers, and content creators. For more information, visit


Sally Beauty offers affordable, salon quality hair products, nail products, and styling tools that make gift giving easy for the beauty lover in anyone’s life this holiday season. Here is the Ion Luxe Cordless Curling Wand. It is lightweight and cordless, so it is travel friendly, and the curls look beautiful. For under 80-dollars. To keep hair healthy, strong, and manageable, their new Bondbar line with built-in bond repair is perfect for the beauty lover in anyone’s life, so it is not breaking the hair or the bank. For more information, visit