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TOP Consumer Savings Expert Explains How Consumers Can Take Control of their Money in 2021

The New Year brings hope for better times and improved finances. That’s why this is the ideal time to take stock of your financial health and, in many cases, make a plan for how to save more in the future, even during a pandemic. It’s no wonder that financially-themed resolutions are among the most popular made each New Year. The best-selling author of The Recovering Spender and Saving Expert, Lauren Greutman has some advice for achieving those debt-free resolutions. This mother of six has been a go-to resource for busy families who are sick of keeping up with the Joneses and ready to learn a better way spend with their heart, stay true to their values, and live the lifestyle they want.

Taking control of your finances starts with how you pay. One of my top suggestions is to use Affirm. If you haven’t heard of it, Affirm is a transparent alternative to credit cards that gives you the flexibility to split the cost of your purchase into biweekly or monthly payments, without any late or hidden fees. It makes it easy to stick to your financial goals by letting you pay over time on a schedule that works for your budget. Affirm shows the cost of your purchase upfront in simple dollars and never charges you more than you agree to. It’s so easy. Shop with Affirm at over 6,500 U.S. retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Walmart, and Williams Sonoma. For more information, visit

I’m a big believer in taking advantage of rewards programs like Swagbucks, the fun & free online rewards program that’s paid out over half a billion dollars. It’s a way to make money without having to spend money when you’re online. Get free gift cards and cash for things you already do online like sharing your opinion, finding great deals, and saving on groceries. I hope you’ll check out how you can earn and save at

I always tell people to look at their cell phone bill. Chances are you’re paying too much for service. I recommend Ting Mobile. They are a nationwide, low-cost cell provider that helps you save on your monthly phone bill. They offer unlimited talk & text for only $10 a month, 5GB for $25, and even unlimited for $45 a month!  You can even bring your current phone and phone number to Ting and you’ll get the same coverage as the big carriers. The only difference is you’ll notice more money in your pocket each month. Visit to learn more.