TV Host and Chef Cara Di Falco Shares Tips to Creating Easter Eats and Springtime Treats for Memorable Menus

A Special Interview with TV Host and Chef Cara Di Falco from YouTube’s Only Emmy-Nominated Cooking Show

Spring has officially begun and many people are looking for easy ways to make spring menus stand out. That is why one of the top Chefs on streaming television and host of the only Emmy-Nominated streaming cooking show is here to share super secrets for a tasty Spring brunch, Easter entrees, and treats. Chef Cara Di Falco shares ideas for brunch, dinner, and every Spring entertaining occasion. This amazing culinary expert and health coach will bring the flavors of Spring to life, whether it is sparkling beverages for a special occasion or creative plant-based options to satisfy discerning appetites. Learn why Chef Cara’s show “CARA’S CUCINA” is YouTube’s only Emmy-Nominated Cooking Show.


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