Top Tech Journalist Anna De Souza Shares the Latest Home Safety Trends and Tech

Learn How New Smart Tech and Proactive Home Care Can Mitigate Headaches and Other Problems from Lifestyle and Tech Journalist Anna De Souza.

With all that is going on in the world, it is important to protect the home, and keep families and friends safe.  Proactive home care and technology can make a big difference.  Tech expert, consumer journalist and super mom Anna De Souza shares information about some of the newest trends in home safety and technology.  With rising crime and other concerns, this is an important topic every audience will find interesting.


Be prepared with proactive care and preventative smart home tech.  Find a partner like Hippo to help.  Unlike other insurance providers, Hippo takes a holistic approach to home protection, offering proactive services and support so that homeowners can avoid unexpected home repairs and feel in control of protecting their home.  For more information, visit


Home maintenance can be intimidating! That is why Hippo’s app makes it simple and accessible.  Use it for virtual home checkups with Home Care experts and get personalized checklists of preventative tasks.  With smart home devices, get real time alerts to prevent unexpected surprises and feel peace of mind while traveling.  Hippo offers complimentary smart home kits with all eligible home insurance policies, with discounts for those who activate a smart home security system such as SimpliSafe.


Smart home technology has become increasingly popular over the last few years, especially options that are designed to detect and protect against a variety of home hazards.  SimpliSafe is the go to smart home security company out there for that very reason.  SimpliSafe is known for its award winning whole home protection against burglary, fire, water damage, and more.  Investing in home security products like entry sensors, motion sensors and security cameras is always a good idea, especially during the summer when break-ins are most common.  Plus, they have partnered with Hippo Insurance to provide even more homeowners access to home security and proactively prevent common claims.


A safe home is not just about crime and burglars.  SimpliSafe smart tech can help mitigate the headache of a variety of home hazards.  For instance, plumbing can be under a lot of stress during the summer.  SimpliSafe has smart water sensors that can detect any leaks before they cause major water damage.  They also offer smoke and CO detectors to protect against anything ranging from kitchen fires to gas leaks.  SimpliSafe home security packages start at around $200.  Learn more at