TV Host, Original Food Network Star & Culinary Expert Ceci Carmichael Shares Shortcuts that will Give you More Time for Holiday Socializing

The holiday season is a special time of year when friends and family come together. It’s when you might host the big holiday feast or sneak downstairs when the kids (or grandkids) are asleep to set the gifts around the holiday tree. Then, you can watch their eyes light up the next morning as they rip open their gifts with a fervor that makes you nostalgic for your childhood. Of course, with all of the holiday hustle and bustle the holidays can also be very stressful time of year.   

Just in time for the Holiday season, lifestyle, culinary expert and TV host Ceci Carmichael is available to share some simple but effect holiday life hacks to help people avoid some of the stress and enjoy themselves. Carmichael will share some timely strategies and techniques to help people manage their holiday activities in more efficient ways. This is the true definition of a holiday hack!   

Make holiday entertaining a breeze this year by keeping Crunchmaster crackers on hand for all your upcoming get-togethers. They are made with better-for-you ingredients like brown rice, sesame seeds and flax. For a festive treat, top Crunchmaster Multi-Grain White Cheddar crackers with brie, cranberry sauce and bacon. The Bacon, Brie and Cranberry Holiday Melts is a delicious and easy appetizer. Crunchmaster crackers are gluten-free and at only 120 calories a serving, a guilt free snack! For more information, visit crunchmaster.com

Bacon, Brie and Cranberry Holiday Melts (By: Crunchmaster)


  • Crackers: 24 Crunchmaster® Multi-Grain Aged White Cheddar Crackers
  • Dairy: 24 small slices Brie cheese
  • Condiments: 1/4 cup prepared cranberry sauce
  • Meat: 2 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled

Directions: Preheat broiler to high and position rack in center of oven. Arrange crackers in single layer on foil-lined baking sheet. Top each cracker with slice of Brie, 1/2 tsp cranberry sauce and sprinkle of bacon. Broil for 1 to 2 minutes or until cheese is melted. Tip: For a vegetarian option, substitute chopped hickory-smoked almonds or pecans for bacon.

This season I’m going to Stellabrate the holidays with Stella Rosa’s sparkling Imperiale line. Impress your guests by treating them to America’s favorite Italian wine and pop open Stella Rosa Prosecco with refreshing notes of pear and lemon! Add a fruity twist to your sparkling wine with Rosso Lux, bursting with strawberry notes, or for something even richer try Black Lux with juicy blackberry, blueberry and raspberry flavors. There’s something for everyone! They also come in these special holiday tins perfect for gift giving as well as minis, perfect for a fun stocking stuffer or to serve individually to your guests. You could even use them to make delicious cocktails. For fun recipes, go to stellarosa.com.

When throwing a holiday party every detail matters. My secret is using Bounty, the Quicker Picker Upper. Its strength and absorbency makes it my go-to paper towel for holiday entertaining. And here’s a kitchen hack you may not have thought of: wrap a wet sheet or two of Bounty around room temperature bottles and put it in the freezer for a faster way to chill your beverages before guests arrive. Another Quicker Picker Upper hack: to thoroughly clean your cast iron skillet, pour a cup of coarse kosher salt into your still-warm pan, and scrub off any stuck-on food with a Bounty paper towel – no shredding here! Rinse the pan with hot water and place another sheet of Bounty inside the cast-iron skillet to soak up excess moisture and prevent it from rusting. For more information, visit bountytowels.com

During the holiday season, we are always looking for time-saving ideas. An effortless way to bring the sweet this season is with Edwards Desserts. You can pick-up Edwards crème pies from the frozen dessert aisle of your local grocer to enjoy creamy layers and indulgent toppings over a freshly-baked cookie crust. Edwards Desserts come in a dozen delicious flavors like rich Turtle, refreshing Key Lime and perfectly spiced Pumpkin Crème. A drool-worthy dessert that’s as simple as one, two, thaw! For more information, visit www.edwardsdesserts.com