Rebecca Lang Shares Tips to Celebrate Summer with Unique Treats & Eats

Cookbook Author a Food Writer Rebecca Lang Reveals Favorite Foods and Hacks for Making Every Party a Success

If anyone is looking for the ingredients for a fantastic summer or Memorial Day party, or any party for that matter, then check out this interview with Chef Rebecca Lang, author of numerous cookbooks and a nationally reknowned recipe creator. Rebecca is also well known for teaching cooking classes at prestigious venues around the country. Chef Lang shares some her top summer entertaining tips and the same kind of advice she shares with eager students. Make this a summer that all neighbors, friends and relatives will remember for years.


Pizza! And my go-to is California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizzas, now with a new Croissant Inspired Crust. Its flaky layers create a delicious eating experience that is airy on the inside and golden-brown on the outside. Try the Uncured Pepperoni with Mike’s Hot Honey or the Bacon & Caramelized Onion. Both pizzas are topped with premium, artisan-quality ingredients and 100-percent real cheese. California Pizza Kitchen is known for its unique innovations like this which can be traced to the brand’s restaurant heritage and Californian roots. For more information, visit


When it is time to fire up the grill for the next family dinner or bash, make sure you have a burger option for everyone. For a meat-free option, try the Gardein Ultimate Plant-Based burger, which looks, cooks, smells, and satisfies like real meat. The Gardein Ultimate Plant-Based Burger is the perfect cookout choice for vegetarians, flexitarians, and vegans alike. Each juicy quarter pound burger is packed with 19 grams of protein and ready for the grill or frypan. For more information, visit


Looking for a summertime treat? Yoplait offers delicious, refreshing yogurt options made with real fruit for the entire family to enjoy like Yoplait Strawberry Original Single Serve and the new Go-Gurt Freeze & Reveal tubes. This single-serve treat is smooth, creamy and perfectly sweet flavor in every delicious spoonful. The Go-Gurt is perfect for a refreshing snack after a baseball game or long day at the pool, and tubes that change color and reveal a fun message or image when frozen. For more information, visit