Milly Almodovar Shares Tips to Wow Them In Winter With Holiday and Seasonal Beauty Secrets

Fashion and Beauty Expert and Multi Media Journalists Shares Timely Tips for Determining a Styling that is Right for Everyone!

Has the changing seasons and the cool and hot weather, along with the dry hair and skin undermined that daily beauty routine?  People realize their skin and hair are drier during the colder winter months, but they may not know that their entire body needs special attention this time of year. That is why the perfect celebrity beauty expert is here to help. Milly Almodovar is well known as a popular New York based beauty expert and TV lifestyle host. Discover how Milly has turned her love of fashion into an amazing career as she shares her super secrets.


As the holiday rush picks up, do not forget to prioritize looking and feeling the best! The GLEEM Battery Brush does everything with one simple setting that provides gentle vibrations to clean any smile.  It’s sleek, timeless design is all style and no sacrifice featuring soft, nylon bristles with rounded filaments to gently remove plaque. The GLEEM Battery Brush strikes the perfect balance between form and function. It is simple to use right from the start, just turn it on right out of the box, brush those teeth, and start smiling! For more information, visit


Everyone should take a moment for self-care. Start by creating a radiant glow this winter with an at home spa experience with Earth Kiss and its beautiful range of Kombucha-based facemasks. Charcoal and Kombucha work in harmony to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin, slough away dead skin cells and boost hydration. This 15 to 20 minute skin deep treatment pairs perfectly with the Earth Kiss Experience soundscapes app. Earth kiss will have anyones skin looking radiant, smooth, and well-moisturized. Available in-store and online at Rite Aid for just under $4. For more information, visit


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Cold temperatures no longer have to be synonymous with dry, flaky skin thanks to the Olay Cleansing and Nourishing Body Wash with Hyaluronic Acid. It infuses moisture 10 layers deep to help hydrate the skin throughout the day without leaving a coated feel, and it is approved by the Skin Health Alliance.  For more information, visit