Claudia Lombana

Emmy & Peabody-Award Winning Journalist Claudia Lombana Explains How Waiting until the Last-Minute can Save Money for Savvy Shoppers
How many of us have found ourselves in a drug store or gas stations desperate to find a last-minute gift?  Now, what consumers may not realize is that sometimes waiting until the last minute can actually save plenty of money. Emmy and Peabody-Award winning journalist Claudia Lombana is available to share some of her super last-minute shopping secrets, when more than 1,000 merchants offer free shipping and guarantee delivery by Christmas Eve.
BACKGROUND: Lombana regularly shares her insight and expertise with national television audiences. She is widely recognized as one of the nation’s top shopping specialists, providing advice and data for media and major businesses.  Her tips and advice regularly appear in national publications, including The New York Times, USA Today and many others. The two-time Emmy Award-winning journalist and Peabody Award winner provides advice on topics ranging from shopping trends to fraud protection. As a journalist, she has traveled the world covering news stories for CNN, CBS, FOX, Tech TV and E! News.   

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indexWhat about a present that keeps everyone comfortable year round? The ecobee3 thermostat is the perfect gift for the holidays – these are super high tech and they give you the freedom to control the temperature of your home using an app on your smartphone. The ecobee3 is the smartest thermostat on the market; it can measure temperature and occupancy in multiple rooms of your home, eliminating hot and cold spots in the house. On average you can save 23% on your heating and cooling costs. The ecobee3 smart thermostat works seamlessly with a number of smart home platforms including Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings and Wink. It’s a gift that will delight. No question. For more information, visit

deloitte_business-chemistry_logo-mark_color_rgbI just read about some very interesting research that might help you narrow in on the best gift for that boss or employee at work. The Deloitte Greenhouse Experience team has identified four Business Chemistry types based on different working styles. Every office has four types. They are called PIONEERS, DRIVERS, GUARDIANS and INTEGRATORS.

deloitte_business-chemistry_logo-mark_pioneer_color_rgbPIONEERS are employees who are outgoing, spontaneous and love trying new things.  So I scoured the internet and came up with some great gift ideas for PIONEERS.  They will enjoy unique concert experiences, virtual reality gear or unique learning opportunities such as bull riding classes.

deloitte_business-chemistry_logo-mark_driver_color_rgbDRIVERS are those employees who seek challenge, are goal-oriented, and tend to embrace technology. For those guys, I’m suggesting games that focus on construction and building challenges, or the latest digital tools that can help them get things done more quickly.

GUARDIANS are methodical and deloitte_business-chemistry_logo-mark_guardian_color_rgbreserved. I think gifts like some noise cancelling headphones or magazine subscriptions, are perfect to help these guys relax.  (or something that helps them plan / organize)

deloitte_business-chemistry_logo-mark_integrator_color_rgbINTEGRATORS are highly empathetic and like to make connections.  I think a nice bottle of wine or tabletop conversation starter cards would be perfect for them.

You really have to know who you are buying for. For more information visit,