NY Times Best-selling Author & Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow Shares Advice Creating a Happier New You for 2022

March is the Time to Spring Forward, Making Everyone Mindful of the Changing Seasons and the Opportunity to get a Fresh Start.

The winter months are coming to a close, as well as much of the isolation associated with the pandemic.  So, March is the time to spring forward and the changing season offers a great opportunity to get a fresh start and practice more mindfulness.


The season change is a great time to add healthy habits, so add mindfulness to your March.  The definition of mindfulness is simply paying attention, on purpose and without judgment, to the present moment.  Go outside for a walk on a March afternoon without your phone and pay attention the way the warm March air feels. When cooking some lighter springtime fare with light vegetables and olive oil in the kitchen, savor every bite—using all 5 of the senses.  This has been shown to help people be happier, eat less, and lose weight.


It is important not to neglect family time.  This time of year, as winter hibernation ends and schedules become packed with spring activities, it does not mean family dinner time needs to fall to the wayside.  Make together time a breeze with these simple Birds Eye Sheet Pan Meals.  They allow anyone to skip the prep and get a delicious, oven-roasted meal on the table in just 25 minutes. Enjoy flavors like Chicken with Balsamic Flavored Sweet Potatoes or Italian Sausage with Peppers for a meal the whole family can enjoy.  For more information, visit birdseye.com


Spring is a great time to incorporate in season foods to everyone’s diet, and there are two that are fantastic for your brain.  When thinking of spring, think spinach and strawberries.  The brain loves B vitamins for energy and mood, and spinach is chock full of B vitamins.  Plus, strawberries are one of the best foods for the brain because of the antioxidants that have been shown to keep the brain sharp.


Studies have shown that proper lighting can have a positive impact on moods. Smart colorful lighting can add excitement to any room, special occasion or help anyone relax and get to sleep after a stressful day. Thanks to GE branded Cync smart lighting, choose from millions of colors to help the sleep-wake rhythms spring forward with the recent time change.  Cync light bulbs and strips are easy to install and use.  Plus, the intuitive Cync app can control the lighting and all other Cync devices in any home eliminating frustration and the need for multiple smart home apps.  Find it at Lowes or Lowes.com


Mindful March is the time to do some spring cleaning of the pantry! Eating processed foods with bad fats and sugar does not just expand the waistline. These foods shrink and create inflammation in the brain, and that can lead to bad moods.  The best way to not be tempted by these unhealthy foods is simple, get them out of the house!