Dr. Jessica Shepherd Shares Tips to Staying Healthy and Avoiding Fall and Winter Wellness Setbacks

Practicing Physician and TV Consultant Dr. Jessica Shepherd Shares Tips for Staying Healthy Post-Pandemic and During the Cold and Flu Season

After a couple challenging years, staying healthy is more important than ever. That is why overall wellness is all about taking proactive steps that can help keep everyone safe and healthy. Almost daily we are confronted with new health challenges that impact individuals and families. However, there are solutions including exercise, diet and even daily supplements that promote cell health and can provide anyone with everything they need to look and feel healthy. Dr. Jessica Shepherd, practicing physician and TV medical consultant, is available to show everyone where to find some timely tips and products which enable anyone to stay healthy all year long.


Overall wellness comes also in the form transforming everyday routines into self care rituals. Patients say that a nice, hot shower helps them relax, and Kohler’s Statement Showering collection features new spray settings for a personalized wellness experience. Controlled by Anthem Digital, users can individually control spray settings and flow for up to 6 outlets and can set two different temperature zones, allowing for a customized wellness experience. Use the deep massage spray to knead sore muscles which is perfect after a workout. There is also a cloud spray to swathe the body in a warm mist, a full coverage rain spray, and a dense, wide sweep.  For more information, visit Kohler.com


Experts are expecting this upcoming flu season to be severe. Clinical studies show that when taken at the onset Oscillococcinum, or Oscillo for short, reduces the severity of flu like symptoms such as body aches, headache, fever, chills, and fatigue. So be flu ready this season by preparing in advance and having a flu survival remedy like Oscillococcinum on hand. Shorten the duration of sick days for the whole family. While Oscillococcinum cannot prevent people from getting the flu, it allows us to fight those symptoms before they get out of hand. For more information, visit www.oscillo.com


We often think of our immune system during the winter months; however, it is important to remember our heart and total cardiovascular system too. CocoaVia™ Cardio Health is a dietary supplement with a clinically proven ingredient, Cocoapro™ cocoa extract, that is scientifically shown to promote a strong heart and cardiovascular system. The extract is the most concentrated and proven source of cocoa flavanols, which are unique phytonutrients. CocoaVia™ is available in two formats and now through the end of October you can get 20% off at CocoaVia.com using code FLAV20.


Absolutely. Eye health is extremely important year-round. Maui Jim one of the only premium sunglass brands that is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation because it offers PolarizedPlus 2 Technology across all of its sunglasses, blocking 100 percent of UV rays. Maui Jim also and has an extensive line of ophthalmic, including Blue Light Protect lenses to block harmful blue light coming from digital screens, which is a must in today’s digital world. For more information, visit www.mauijim.com