Disaster Expert Cheryl Nelson Shares Why There is a Growing Need to Get Disaster Ready in 2022

FEMA Disaster Training Expert Cheryl Nelson Explains the Importance of Preparing Before Emergencies and Having a Plan for Afterwards.

This year the nation has already had 10 major weather disaster events that resulted in more than a billion dollars damage, and it is not even September.  Due to climate change, that is why this National Preparedness Month is more important than ever to remind Americans of the importance of being ready in case of disasters and emergencies.  The recent flood in Eastern Kentucky is being called a thousand year event. Wildfires and droughts are even burning up the West. For National Preparedness Month, disaster expert Cheryl Nelson shares key steps to prepare and recover from any disaster.  Cheryl is a meteorologist and an instructor for the FEMA National Disaster Preparedness Center.


Plan ahead for natural disasters by protecting irreplaceable family photos with the Epson FastFoto FF-680W, which can scan thousands of photos as fast as one photo per second.  Most households have thousands of photos and important family documents stored away, leaving them vulnerable to damage in an event of an emergency.  FastFoto makes the daunting task of digitizing these photos and documents quick and easy, allowing for direct upload to the Cloud or external hard drive.  For more information, visit epson.com.


It is important to make backup power a part of any preparedness plans.  Consider large items that require power like refrigerators, light sources or heating elements.  Inverter generators, like the IQ3500 from Generac, provides clean, safe power for sensitive electronics.  They are more compact, quiet, and energy-efficient than a traditional portable unit, but just like any generator, safe operation is critical.  Always use generators outside to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning.  Also, make sure to do annual oil and air filter changes as well as run the generator every couple of months to make sure the gas does not go stale.  For more information, visit www.generac.com.


Staying in touch with loved ones, first responders and utility teams is important.  That is why Cheryl recommends T-Mobile.  T-Mobile is ready for disasters, and they want everyone else to be too.  They are constantly working to make sure their leading 5G network is ready when disasters may hit.  Their network team may even bring in portable cell towers and generators, as well as vehicles that have Wi-Fi connectivity, water, charging stations and cords so that people can call their loved ones and let them know they are okay.  It is also a good idea to have a portable cell phone charger.  For more information, visit www.t-mobile.com.


Clean air in the home has never been more important with wildfires and ragweed season upon us. The Aeris by iRobot aair Lite air purifier makes clean air a reality.  Featuring HEPA filtration and a completely sealed design that removes airborne particulates like dust, pet dander, smoke and pollen, it is great for spaces such as bedrooms, smaller living areas and home offices.  The aair Lite’s smart technology allows it to clean the air automatically, while also gathering information on the air quality.  Wi-Fi connectivity allows it to be controlled directly via the app and its sleek and compact design fits seamlessly into any home.  For more information, visit aeris.irobot.com.