Chris “KNIGHT” Before Christmas

Christopher Knight knows about gadgets. After a very successful career as a child actor (Peter Brady on the Brady Bunch), he turned to the computer industry. Because of his love for technology, Knight became vice president of design system marketing and sales at New Image Industry, and helped develop the 3D rendering and imaging offerings that are so huge today. Now, he’s a regular at the Consumer Electronics Show and is respected for his insight into the consumer trends. Each year, the holiday shopping season seems to begin earlier. That’s why Knight believes it’s best to shop early, and shop smart.

Aflac Duck – Support the Aflac Cancer Center
Your donation can help us find a cure The Aflac Holiday Duck comes in two sizes. The six inch duck goes for $10 and the 10 inch duck sells for $15. But remember, 100 percent of the proceeds go to the research and treatment of childhood cancer. For the past ten years the Aflac Holiday Duck has raised nearly $3 million in the fight against pediatric cancer. Since 1995, Aflac has donated more than $60 million dollars to this fight.

bodybug and bodybug SP System
To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in. The bodybugg and bodybuggSP systems help users track and adjust how many calories they consume and burn 24 hours a day – to help take the guesswork out of weight loss. Both systems monitor "calories in and calories out" using armbands to track calories burned throughout the day (using a variety of biometrics including galvanic skin response, physical activity and temperature) and the web interface to input and track calories consumed. No matter what activities you are doing – washing dishes, playing with the kids or working out – the devices take each motion into account. The bodybugg system has helped more than 100,000 people lose weight; and the latest version of the device – the new bodybuggSP armband – helps make reaching your weight-loss goals even more convenient by adding Bluetooth compatibility with select smartphones. The bodybugg system includes the bodybugg armband and an optional digital display that keeps users up-to-date on how many calories they have burned throughout the day. The system features a web interface that tracks calories consumed based on user input to the software. This technology assists users with daily meal planning and continues to be a valuable tool in helping users meet their fitness goals.