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Innovative Ways to Get the Home Ready for Spring

Spring is the perfect time for homeowners to tackle all those do-it-yourself home improvement projects. DIY Expert and TV contractor Chip Wade shares his best tips for home repair this spring!


Many people have been stuck inside all winter looking at unsightly walls, whether they have holes from moving furniture or doorknob damage. DAP® Eclipse™ Rapid Wall Repair Patches will change the way people look at repairing walls. DAP Eclipse is a specially formulated, all-in-one drywall repair solution that requires no spackling or sanding. Just apply and paint for a completely mess-free repair. It is ready to paint immediately, allowing projects to be finished in minutes versus hours or even days. It is stronger than drywall and offers superior doorknob resistance for a permanent, long-lasting repair that won’t peel or lose adhesion over time. It’s available in 2, 4 and 6-inch sizes to tackle a variety of repair needs.


For household fixes where appearance matters and glue is required, try the new DAP® RapidFuse™ Ultra Clear All Purpose Adhesive. It dries crystal clear and stays crystal clear. It is great for glass, ceramics, clear plastics, or mirrored substrates. It bonds to virtually everything without leaving that cloudy or yellow hue over time. There’s also DAP® RapidFuse™ Gel that won’t drip or run, sets in 30 seconds, and can be easily applied precisely where needed, even vertically. The Gel Control Applicator is formulated for both indoor and outdoor repairs, allowing for a precise, clean, and controlled application, going where other glues cannot, for a bond that is fast, strong, and long-lasting.


Tank Bond™ Thread Stopper Tape from DAP®, the newest addition to the Tank Bond collection, makes fixing a loose screw easier and faster than ever before with a durable and reliable repair that will last. It absorbs shock and vibration while holding the screw tightly in place. It works on all fastener types and sizes and is ready immediately, no dry-time required. Simply wrap the tape around the threads of any loose screw for a fast and effective solution. This is a great fix to have on hand for that kitchen drawer handle or toilet seat that are constantly loose.

Screws can also lose their grip and get stripped over time. When the bit first slips, it is common to respond by adding more force, but this only increases the potential for the screw to strip. Tank Bond™ Liquid Grip will prevent screws from stripping. Adding just a drop to a screw head provides up to seven times more grip for easy install or removal. It works on all fastener types and sizes and cleans up easily from tools and fasteners when the work is done, simply wipe with a paper towel. It is ideal for heavily used screws on items such as door hardware, kitchen drawers, recreational equipment, and even power tools.

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