Chef Chris Scott Shares a Tasty Tour of New Snacks from Frito-Lay at the Big Game

Learn about the ‘Case De Crunch’ at the Big Game this year

Chef Chris Scott is an expert on all things tailgating and food parties and is reporting live from Frito-Lay’s CASA DE CRUNCH at the site of the Big Game in Miami to show off his big game party tips and latest and greatest snacks from Frito-Lay. Chef Scott will give a tour of the tasty venue and share how to create a great party with fan-favorite Tostitos, Doritos, Cheetos, and Lay’s which all have an amazing array of new snacks that are debuting in time for the biggest snacking day of the year.


Great snacks are a must for every watch party, according to Frito-Lay’s latest U.S. Snack Index, 90 percent of Americans say Super Bowl is not complete without snacks and dips. With 83 million Big Game parties expected to take place this year, Frito-Lay has all the snacks needed that are sure to get your guests excited. That is why Chris is at the Casa De Crunch in Miami to show off some delicious new snack options for Big Game watch parties. After all, 80 percent of fans expect there to be salty snacks, like chips, at a Big Game party!


The Casa De Crunch experience is in Miami through the Big Game. It’s an actual house with rooms themed to all your favorite Frito-Lay snacks including Tostitos, Doritos, Cheetos and Lay’s. All four brands have brand-new products that launched just in time for the Big Game. Guests visiting Miami for the Big Game can come in and try all the new snacks from Frito-Lay, and everyone at home can find them at retailers nationwide now.


This year, just in time for the Big Game, Frito-Lay has some amazing new flavors from Tostitos, Doritos, Cheetos and Lay’s. Tostitos has the perfect new pairing for Super Bowl parties, Tostitos Strips & Avocado Salsa, that are good apart but even better together! Two new, bold flavors are now available from Doritos Flamin’ Hot Limon that brings the heat with a twist and the new Doritos Cool Ranch that is now packed with even more Cool Ranch flavor. Embrace the Cheetle, the official name for Cheetos dust on fingers with the newest product from Cheetos, Cheetos Popcorn, that comes in both cheddar and Flamin’ Hot flavors. Finally, there are three new Lay’s flavors that are sure to put a smile on your face, Lay's Cheddar Jalapeño, Lay's Poppables Sea Salt & Vinegar and Lay's Kettle Cooked Flamin' Hot.  


This year, Frito-Lay has two new hilarious ads that will be airing in the Big Game that you won’t want to miss. Their ads always star some of the biggest names in pop culture, and this year is no different. The ads feature Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus and Sam Elliott in the Doritos Cool Ranch commercial, and MC Hammer is the star of the Cheetos commercial. Fans can check them out now on the Doritos and Cheetos social channels.


Not everyone is a chef or has time to spend in the kitchen, and if you want to spend more time with friends during the Big Game, there are tons of recipes that only require minimal ingredients and prep time. One easy go-to is nachos which you can make by layering the Tostitos strips, hot chicken pieces, shredded cheddar and blue cheese, throw them in the oven to bake, and then top with the new Tostitos Avocado Salsa. This is just one easy way to really wow guests, and there are dozens of other recipes like this one that you can find on