Celebrity Trainer Joey Thurman Shares Fit and Fun Inspirations for Summer on TipsOnTV

Fitness Expert, Bestselling Author and Nutrition Expert Shares Tips and Hacks for Enjoying Summer and Achieving Fitness Goals

If looking for a new way to exercise and have fun, bestselling author and fitness expert Joey Thurman is here to help. Discover how this celebrity fitness guru trains his A-list clients to improve sleeping, eating, exercising and even breathing habits. Joey shares how being a stronger, healthier, happier person is as simple as following ‘The Minimum Method’. Here are Joey’s fitness and health tips and products that will both inspire and entertain. This high-energy expert says summer is the best time to have fun achieving fitness goals.


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Regular exercise and having a healthy diet provides a foundation for better mental health. The mind-body connection is important when it comes to exercise because the brain is directly connected to muscles through the body’s nervous system. Cognizin is a brain-health nutrient that also helps the brain to focus. It is a branded form of Citicoline, which can be found in dietary supplements like Onnit Alpha BRAIN Black Label. When shopping in-store or online be sure to look for Cognizin on the packaging label. For more information, visit www.onnit.com