Celebrity Journalist Emily Foley Shares Fall Beauty Trends and Simple Seasonal Changes on TipsOnTV

Top Fashion and Celebrity Journalist Emily L. Foley Shares Products and Inspiration for Creating Fabulous Fall Looks

As the seasons change it is important to embrace the challenges of changing weather to look awesome in autumn. The fact is that there are many new products to enhance and complement natural beauty, many of them discovered first by celebrities. Top fashion expert and celebrity journalist Emily L. Foley shares some of these celebrity secrets for creating fabulous fall looks that are perfect for every occasion, from the runway to running out for errands.


It is important to have a good lip balm. Eos blends flavors that are almost good enough to eat with super moisturizing ingredients for delicious lip balms that will make anyone want to swipe on again and again. The Totally Tropical Variety Pack comes with 4 lip balms to keep them anywhere they are needed! Packed with natural and sustainably sourced ingredients like beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil, eos delivers long lasting hydration and incredible smoothness. Find them at Target or Amazon for a total steal at just under $10!


With runway and red carpet season in full swing, beautiful looking eyes are a key part of any look. Just like prepping skin before makeup, use LUMIFY Redness Reliever Eye Drops from Bausch and Lomb to help reduce redness in eyes. LUMIFY significantly reduces redness in one minute to help eyes look whiter, brighter and more radiant for up to 8 hours; always make sure to use as directed. Find LUMIFY in the eye care aisle at major retailers nationwide. For more information, visit www.lumifydrops.com


The cooler weather can cause skin to become dry and dull. Olay Body’s Fearless Artist Series is a collection of three body washes that deeply hydrate to nourish, restore, and balance skin. The collection includes rich ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Aloe and Vitamin C. It comes in beautiful bottles that were designed by African American artist Avery Williamson. Plus, a diverse team of women scientists developed the hydrating formulas. Olay Body is elevating body care and women of color in art and science with this collection. For more information, visit www.olay.com/body/fearless-artist