Beauty and Lifestyle Expert Emily Loftiss Shares Tips to Achieving Everyday Glam

Former Rockette and Blogger Emily Loftiss Shares Insider Tips to Create a Fabulous Runway Look

It is “Red-Carpet” awards season, when the stars shine brightly. So, just in time for The Academy Awards on March 1oth here is a special interview to show why it is easier than ever to create a fabulous runway look at home. We have a nationally renowned beauty and lifestyle to expert to explain why glamour does not have to be costly or reserved for Hollywood stars and the rich and famous. TV Host, blogger, and style expert Emily Loftiss shares celebrity secrets for creating stunning red-carpet beauty on a budget. Emily is also known for her popular blog Everyday Glam, which provides super tips that stars and A-listers use to look great and leave a lasting impression.


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