America’s Guru of Green Living Annabelle Gurwitch shares to Celebrate Earth Day



















the Importance of Recycling and Earth Day

Earth Day 2021 may get more attention and be a bigger issue for people than at any time in recent history. Each day we see extreme weather events; and there are more heated discussions about the environment, as we continue to set records every year for the hottest year in history. The first Earth Day was 51 years ago, and now it’s a global event that involves more than a billion people. Just in time for Earth Day on April 22) actress, writer and activist Annabelle Gurwitch will share important information about environmentally-friendly products that are just hitting the market. As the former host of Planet Green’s original series, WA$TED!, a unique show in which she would go through someone’s trash and show all of the waste and potential for recycling, Annabelle hopes to inspire occasional recyclers to become “everyday” recyclers.

How about getting outside and planting native wildflowers? Air Wick Scented Oils and Botanica by Air Wick are partnering with World Wildlife Fund to reseed 1 billion square feet of native wildflower and grassland habitats in the Northern Great Plains over the next three years. You can join in and do your part to help restore these critical components that nature needs to survive by planting just one square foot of native wildflowers in your backyard or community garden. I’m sharing pictures of my little wildflower garden on social with the hashtag #PlantWildflowers and I invite you to do the same. For more information, visit

More than a third of the world’s major urban areas with more than 3 million people are under high or extremely high water stress, and I feel partially responsible. I’ve gotten into some bad dishwashing habits during this pandemic. We can be wasting up to 20 gallons of water when we pre-rinse our dishes before loading the dishwasher. So FINISH has launched #SkipTheRinse, a bold initiative to raise awareness of household water waste. By committing to #SkipTheRinse you can save up to 20 gallons of water with every dishwashing. Just changing this one single behavior can save our country up to 150 billion gallons in a single year. For every #SkipTheRinse pledge taken through December 31st, 2022, FINISH will donate $1 to The Nature Conservancy. For more information, visit

Thanks to Rubbermaid you can now recycle any brand of well-used food storage containers for free through the Rubbermaid’s Food Storage Recycling Program in partnership with TerraCycle. It takes three steps. You register on the website,, print a prepaid shipping label and send your old containers in. It’s that simple. I use containers for as long as possible and then when you’re ready to upgrade your supply, you’ll want to check out Rubbermaid’s Easy-Find-Lids Press & Lock at, the lids and bases snap together so if you’re forgetful like me, you don’t have to search.

The stories in the book are about what happens when you can’t afford an Eat, Love, Pray adventure around the world, you have adventures in downward mobility so it’s stories are about friendship, home sharing, dating after divorce, and our adult children boomeranging back home, hence the title – you’re leaving now?