2014 Consumer Electronic Show with Tech Reporter Paul Hochman


After decades as a top tech guru on network TV and writing for several prestigious technology magazines, Paul Hochman has established himself as one of the most respected journalists specializing in technology coverage. Paul Hochman is at the 2014 CES International in Las Vegas and has a sneak preview of some the hot new technology that will be hitting the market in the future.

The Consumer Electronics Show International is where all the newest gadgets and gizmos are first introduced to the public.  Hochman has made a career out of simplifying complex technological issues so that the average consumer can understand.  

ABOUT PAUL: Hochman has been he Gear and Technology Editor for the NBC TODAY Show for more than a decade.  He was also the technology and culture reporter for Versus TV and the Tour de France; the host of an online technology talk show on MSN called "Playit4Ward" and has been a longtime technology contributor for CNBC and MSNBC.  His articles in Fast Company Magazine were called a “Must Read” by the New York Times, establishing Paul one of the top tech journalist in the nation.


This years HOT new trend is the next generation of automobile technology. Here we have Kia's new voice-activated infotainment and telematics services that include downloadable apps, social media, and enhanced voice recognition. In-vehicle infotainment A suite of services that include smart radio that chooses radio stations based on driver's mood, wireless HD technology so you can stream from a smartphone or tablet to the vehicle's native entertainment screens in high definition, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.

Kia has user centered driving, large head-up display, 3D display and hand gesture recognition allow driver to control vehicle subsystems by moving their hand in mid-air. Wireless charging system for charging devices – reduces driver distraction. The CUB concept car will have its North American debut of subcompact 2-door turbocharged city vehicle.

For more information visit: www.Kia.com


TV's just keep getting better.  The number 1 TV brand, Samsung, is showing their newest Smart TV the Samsung U9000 TV it is the world's first to combine curved design with Ultra High Definition or UHD TV for a truly immersive viewing experience. The curve gives videos a presence you don't get from flat screens, plus, a wider field of view. The TV offers unmatched picture quality, amazing color detail, and best in class upscaling technology, so everything you watch will look better. The TV has a Multi-Link feature which allows you to see up to 4 screens at once.  

Samsung's newest Smart TVs are smarter, easier and faster than ever with a new Quad Core Plus processor. And with its UHD Evolution Kits, only Samsung offers future-ready TVs that support today's standards as well as tomorrow's.

For more information visit: www.Samsung.com


One great product for the home is the new do-it-yourself smart home you can install yourself from Lowe's that operates on a smartphone platform called Iris.   It takes about an hour to install, and you can lock or unlock your doors, change your thermostat, turn on and off lights, set security alarms and monitor smoke and water detectors – all from a single app that you can control from your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can choose from three kits that start at $179. The best part? There's a free basic service that allows you access to all the features I just mentioned, but for $9.99 a month, you can add premium service that gives you some additional capabilities.

As your family's needs grow or change, you can add features.. It's also wireless, so if you were to move, Iris can move with you.

Check it out at on the website:  www.Lowes.com/Iris


Something really cool this year is a technology that could change the way we use computers. SanDisk Connect™ is the next-generation of wireless storage and provides an easier way to connect to your content across mobile devices with no Internet required.  It's a wireless flash drive that looks like a regular flash drive, but is a total upgrade. Simply turn it on, connect to the drive and start freeing up space on your phone, share presentations wirelessly with colleagues, even listen to your favorite songs while the kids stream two different movies to their tablets using SanDisk Connect.

The SanDisk easily connects up to 8 devices and 3 media streams simultaneously, providing the freedom to store, share and stream content across smartphones, tablets, and computers.  It instantly increase smartphone and tablet memory by up to 32 GB for more videos, photos, music and documents.

For more information visit: www.SanDisk.com