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Holiday Survival Guide with Lifestyle and Entertainment Expert Josh McBride

How-to for Savvy Shoppers so they can Save Money and Have Fun this Holidays
Many people think of the holiday season as something you need to survive, while others look at it as a fun time to be cherished with family and friends. Lifestyle and entertainment expert Josh McBride shared some super holiday survival tips to help people make the most of their holiday experience.   Josh will share everything from last-minute shopping secrets, to suggestions on how to make special memories.  He gives some savvy suggestions for everything from stress relief to party planning to dressing for success.  
Well it all starts with the presents. Find the perfect gifts and you are half way there. Everyone loves tech gifts. Here’s a great one. Have you heard of Google Home? It’s like having own personal assistant. With simple voice commands, you can get information about traffic, sports, finance and more.  And that’s not all. You can stream videos directly to your television, set alarms, play music and ask for directions all from the comfort of your own home. This is available at Lowe’s. I do most of my holiday shopping at Lowe’s. Whether you’re shopping for the weekend DIYer, the chef in your life or tech-savvy relative, it’s is your one-stop shop this holiday season. Get your Google Home there, and you can likely find some stuff for the other members of your family as well. For more information visit, www.Lowes.com

My survival tip is to save a little time in the kitchen, and this holiday season you can have new and improved refrigerated cookie dough from Pillsbury. You can have delicious just-baked cookies in minutes. The new Pillsbury cookie recipe has an even better homemade taste without artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. With the new and improved refrigerated cookie dough from Pillsbury, you can have warm, delicious just-baked cookies in minutes! I also urge you to visit Pillsbury.com for some great recipes.

Yes the holidays are fun, but they can also be a pain… literally. Decorating the tree, taking a family ski trip, or hitting the holiday parties around town is fun, but it can often lead to unwanted muscle aches. Have you heard of the Sunbeam® Renue™ Neck Wrap? While traditional heating pads are hard to keep in place, this Neck Wrap is tailored to the shape of your body with a magnetic closure to provide natural, targeted heat for maximum pain, tension, and muscle relief. The Sunbeam® Renue™ Neck Wrap uses the time-proven power of heat therapy, helping relax muscles and promote blood flow. It’s great for you, or for a gift. I highly recommend it. For more information, visit www.Sunbeam.com